Lizzie steger

Working both sides of the lens

About Liz


         Lizzie Steger started her modeling journey in 2023. Inspired by locals in the scene she picked up photography in 2024 and fell in love. She is a successful businesswoman and a Jane of many trades. Lizzie owns Affordable Chimney Sweep of Central Florida, Bewitched Butterfly, Lustrous Entertainment, Lizzed Lens & Matro Magazine. 

             Lizzie refers to herself as a chaotic creator. She is an artist, makes jewelry, has her own clothing line, is a fire performer, circus artist and has recently discovered her love for creating props and sets for her photography. Having more outlets to express her creativity gives her great joy. In her free time she also gardens and raises butterflies.

             As a fellow Performer, one of her favorite things to capture are other performers in their element. The ability to do Fire and Light Painting Photography soared her motivation to progress in the craft of photography. She also enjoys capturing people to help boost their confidence and still moments. Lizzie never really felt comfortable in front of a camera before working with a local photographer, he helped her come out of her shell and sparked a new profound confidence in herself and she aspires to bring that to others with her photography. 

          Her interest in modeling is more so about helping photographers bring their vision to life. Telling stories and helping others on their photography journey warms her heart. Select the Contact tab to book for Lizzie as a model or for photography.